Curtis Maggitt

Business leader



Curtis Maggitt is an exceptional leader with an extremely unique background. His experience as a professional athlete and business leader combines to position him as a powerful motivator in many arenas. Curt strives for continuous improvement and utilizes Kaizen principles in his everyday life, showing dedication to both personal excellence and corporate success.

Affiliations & Partnerships

Curtis believes in helping to make a difference. As an outcome, he has partnered and represented organizations that share some of his same values. His decision to work with these groups provides a platform for meaningful partnership and a commitment toward continuous improvement.

Who is Curtis Maggitt?

Curtis Maggitt is a name known for his tenacity, whether it be on the football field or in the career world.

Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Curtis achieved success as a high school football player which earned him an opportunity to play at The University of Tennessee where he gained valuable experience and accolades both on the field and off. Curtis played two years of professional football before retiring in 2019, but took this time to prepare himself for life after football by earning his MBA. Curtis has since found success as a hybrid athlete with NOBULL and has gone on to pursue a career in business through Honeywell’s management rotation program as well as starting his own nonprofit: “The EDGE Foundation”.

From Football Star to hybrid Athlete & Business Leader

Curtis’s success in a multitude of different fields can be credited to his dedication to continuous improvement. Leveraging the Kaizen principles to make continuous, minor improvements, Curtis has been able to pivot and excel. He understands that nothing is ever perfect and puts effort into continuously upgrading systems, skills and areas of focus, allowing him to build a highly diverse resume. Through embracing change and relentlessly pursuing continuous growth, Curtis has managed to achieve great successes in all the areas he’s worked in.

Business Ventures

Academic success at a top MBA school – Haslem Business School – has led to a growing career with Honeywell.


The constant pursuit of physically demanding challenges ranging from playing linebacker in football to NOBULL hybrid athlete.

Passion Projects

Freediving and wedding photography are intensely rewarding challenges continually creating unique growth opportunities.

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Identify and develop high-potential youth with the necessary tools to improve their community through their development.

commitment to continuous improvement

"Find Your Edge" with Curt

A diverse background & skillset for your business

Are you a team leader looking to energize and motivate your team? Curt’s experience as a high performing athlete and leader can provide the drive your team needs to reach its full potential. Curtis’s blend of passion and enthusiasm motivates teams on an emotional level. His galvanizing talks stimulate and inspire team members to exceed their expectations, while maintaining camaraderie and encouragement within the group.

Wherever you are, don’t let it be by mistake. Don’t lose focus of the opportunity at hand. Be the absolute best you can be, in this moment! Be there on purpose!
You may find your purpose through this attitude of gratitude!"

– Curtis Maggitt