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Continuous Improvement Through Athletics

Football linebacker | Hybrid Athlete | Fitness Enthusiast

Curtis Maggitt is a powerhouse of continuous improvement and dedication. As an edge rushing linebacker for the Tennessee Volunteers, Curtis knew the importance of continuous improvement in order to excel on the field. Since his professional football days, he has gone through an intense transition and dedicated himself to honing a new craft as a hybrid athlete. Without continuous improvement both in mind and body, this transformation would not have been possible. Maggitt has set the example that continuous improvement is not only necessary but has made it possible for him to extend his athletic career far beyond that of just football.

Dominant SEC linebacker

Curtis Maggitt was a highly recruited linebacker at the high school level, earning top 150 rankings nationally as well as top 10 rankings as a linebacker. He had offers from many traditional collegiate football powers before deciding on the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Here, he started immediately as a true freshman and quickly had an impact to his team’s play. His best year was undoubtedly 2014, where as a redshirt Junior he registered 11 sacks combined with 15 tackles for loss.

After going undrafted in the 2016 NFL draft, Curtis Maggitt signed with the Indianapolis Colts as a free agent. Unfortunately, Curtis’s career was cut short due to injury and after 3 years in the NFL he decided to walk away from professional football in 2018.

Career highlights

Applying kaizen principles

Curtis had spent much of his athletic career on the football field, but when injuries forced him to retire, he shifted gears and found a new passion as a hybrid athlete. To succeed in this arena, Curt had to not only adjust his training methods, but also transform his body to meet the demands of being a hybrid athlete. However, by putting kaizen principles into practice and focusing on continuous improvement in small but meaningful steps – Curtis’s departure from football signaled not an end of a journey, but rather a new challenge for him to pursue, one that allowed him to step into a fresh platform.

Football to Hybrid Athlete - Continuous improvement challenge

Transitioning from a football player to hybrid athlete is not as straightforward as some may think. Football players are used to training in an isolated environment with specific goals and nutrition plans that have been adjusted and fine-tuned seasonally, so becoming a hybrid athlete presents a challenge. With athletics comes the need for continuous improvement, as evidenced by its scientifically backed methodology that allows athletes to constantly measure progress. It involves adapting to an ever-changing program while managing nutrition and conditioning plans designed to optimize endurance, speed and power, all of which can take time for a football player to adjust to. Ultimately, making the move from football player to hybrid athlete comes down to motivation and determination.

Growth through partnership

Fitness enthusiast platform

Curtis’s partnership with NOBULL has been remarkable, helping him to apply the Kaizen process and continuous improvement to his life and progress his journey as a fitness enthusiast. His work has been beneficial to many people, always motivating athletes to pursue their continuous improvement journey, no matter what level they are at. Thanks to NOBULL, Curtis has been able to be a voice of personal growth and inspire others to not only achieve ambitious goals but strive towards continuous improvement in all aspects of their lives.

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Transforming Your Mindset

Take Control of Yourself & Make Positive Changes

Curt has a remarkable talent in making people believe in themselves and supporting their goals, no matter what they are. He provides the motivational guidance necessary in order to reach success, while helping individuals navigate through the difficulties they may face during continuous improvement. Curtis stands out from the rest with his ability to help others apply kaizen principles and ultimately achieve the desired outcome of growth – this is especially effective for those hoping to gain both incremental and exponential growth. It’s clear that Curt truly cares about the wellbeing of others and takes extra care to ensure everybody is reaching and exceeding their fullest potential.