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Freediving & Photography

Applying Kaizen principles to your passions

Personal growth is difficult, and it can be difficult to find comfort in the stress that comes along with it. Curtis has found freedom and joy by engaging in passions such as freediving and wedding photography – not only does he find himself growing his skillset, but he also gains immense satisfaction from pursuing passions that mean something to him. Taking some time off for recovery isn’t just about physical rest; true recovery comes from caring for our passions and finding solace in developing new interests by giving ourselves permission to play.

Continuous improvement & overcoming fear

Fear can be a difficult opponent to face and overcome. But through the challenges of freediving, it is possible not only to conquer this fear but also discover a unique sense of freedom. By diving deep within ourselves, we can transform the feeling of fear into understanding and courage. This freeing activity enables us to explore and experience beauty that lies beyond our comfort zone. On this journey, we will no doubt find empowerment and confidence as our inner strength grows each time fear is faced and overcome. As you embark on your own life and growth adventure, remember nothing is too daunting if you choose to leap into the depths of your own potential.

What is freediving?

Unlock personal growth through freediving

Freediving is a unique and incredible experience. It allows us to explore the depths of the ocean and our own inner strength in ways we never thought possible. By connecting with ourselves and our environment on such a deep level, we gain an appreciation of both that can really only be truly understood through intensive vuneralbility under the water. It can be a challenging journey to come on as it requires intense physical and mental training but the reward it brings is priceless.

Freediving & Fitness

Unlock Your True Potential Underwater

Freediving is an adventure sport that offers a plethora of fitness benefits. It requires tremendous core strength, balance, and breath control to help you push beyond your limits. This growing sport encourages athletic coordination, by honing your body’s ability to move in the water with grace and skill. By developing a mastery of mind over matter, it will also teach you ways to relax while maintaining muscles under tension. Freediving puts you in charge of taking on physical challenges that will help build endurance. The sport is done in the peaceful environment of nature’s aquatic playground without cumbersome gear and expensive equipment.

Freediving training, Continuous Improvement & your destiny

Freediving is an amazing activity that can bring extreme joy and satisfaction, but to truly enjoy the experience and stay safe it is imperative to get proper training in order to utilize specific techniques safely. Training and practice are the only ways to properly learn how to freedive. While these pillars of knowledge are important in regards to underwater performance, they apply to many areas of life as well.

The Kaizen principles behind improvement require a significant amount of discipline; one must focus on active steps instead of entertaining tunnel visions. It’s not enough to simply dream of better outcomes, specific actions need to be taken in order to reap the full reward resulting from the dedication and effort put into any particular task. When we make consistent progress with our training, we can take pride knowing we worked hard for something worthwhile- this is how we manifest the benefits of continuous improvement within our lives.

Wedding photography & Beyond

Growth through seeing life's beauty


Curt has a deep passion for both creating and capturing and loves exploring the beauty of life through his camera lens. From taking on wedding photography projects to capturing the special moments of families, his talent has enabled him to capture some incredibly beautiful photos no matter where he is. Recently Curt had an amazing opportunity to travel to Nigeria, which allowed him to take stunning shots of everyday Nigerian life and beyond. Life is indeed a beautiful journey, and Curt’s ability to recognize its beauty through his camerawork captures it perfectly.