continuous improvement process

Kaizen & Professional Growth

Curtis Maggitt & Applying proven improvement Methods

Kaizen is a Japanese term for “continuous improvement” that is used to describe an incremental and ongoing growth process. This enhancement method follows the principle that small, incremental advancements over time can lead to great rewards. This growth journey can be applied to any area of life or work such as production, customer service, office operations, communication and more. It focuses on finding ways to improve efficiency by making activities simpler and generating results without drastic changes or expensive investments. By embracing this ancient philosophy and its principles, one can gain a competitive advantage that provides long-term benefits.

Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee

Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee is one of the top MBA colleges in the USA, enabling Curt to pursue his Master of Business Administration and focus on supply chain management. Investing in a graduate degree or doctorate from The Haslam College of Business is a sound decision which reflects in its rankings. The Economist ranks the full-time MBA program #21 among public institutions while U.S. News & World Report unanimously acknowledge The Supply Chain Management Concentration as #4 among similar public universities.

Kaizen principles & further education

Pursuing an MBA or Master’s degree while transitioning from professional athletics back to the classroom was no easy task. However, when committing to the continuous improvement process and its defined principles, it made the seemingly daunting undertaking a lot smoother. Dedication toward ongoing growth allows one focus on small attainable goals and make incremental steps towards my goals every day. Ultimately, this practice improves confidence and productivity in reaching greater educational, professional, and personal objectives.

Internship to full-time position

Honeywell career

When Curt first graduated from college, he was not sure what direction to go in his career. He had come from a successful career on the football field and also needed to transition back into the classroom. Fortunately he was offered an incredible opportunity when Honeywell reached out with a great starting point for his career. It has been an amazing experience so far and it’s clear that the skills he learned on the football field and in school have been invaluable while beginning a career with a large global organization.

Who is Honeywell

For over 135 years, Honeywell has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions across a diverse range of industries. From airplanes to healthcare, Honeywell’s technologies have changed the game time and time again. With a global presence, Honeywell has a reach that is unmatched in the industry, offering the latest solutions no matter where you are in the world. And in a world that is constantly changing, Honeywell remains committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, always striving to create better products that will change the lives of people everywhere. Honeywell doesn’t just provide solutions, they provide inspiration for the future of technology.

Curt's Honeywell Journey

Curt’s journey with Honeywell has been an incredible experience that has allowed him to grow both personally and professionally. His journey began as an intern, where he quickly established himself as a valuable contributor to the organization. Since then, he has been able to see the business from multiple points of view, adding to his knowledge and expertise as a business professional. Curt’s journey has been challenging, but the opportunities presented to him have only accelerated his growth. His impact on the business can be seen in his various positions, including his current role as a Project Manager for HBT Distribution Center Operations.

Career Roles with Honeywell

Procurement Analyst | HBT HOS Specialist | Corporate Production Planning | Project Manager – HBT DC Ops

Career Growth Opportunities

Business Analytics | Supply Chain Management | Operations Management | Organizational Management | Six Sigma Certified Green Belt

Curt's Strategic Objectives

– Focus on optimizing global distribution center performance –
– Develop best practices to standardize & optimize global supply chain –

Pursuit of a certification in enhancing business operations

Six Sigma certification is invaluable to a professional organization and the certification brings immense value. These methodologies and tools are the bedrock of the core operation augmentation structures that are designed to identify, diagnose, and address any systemic inefficiencies within an organization. It does this by breaking down activities and tasks into smaller steps that can be easily analyzed for any issues. The certification equips professionals with the ability to recognize when a problem has occurred, and from there they are able to take corrective action as efficiently as possible.

Achieving green belt level

The Six Sigma Belt system (White Belt – Black Belt) demonstrates that each level within certification affords individuals a higher understanding of complex data sets and the ability to innovate outside of their own field. This range in certification allows for professionals of all kinds to not just understand but effectively practice methodology that warrants improved outputs.

Combining with Proven Principles

Six Sigma and Kaizen have closely related ideals and management techniques, making them a popular combination of disciplines within the business world. While these efficiency methods and business processes are focused on maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of existing processes, Kaizen principles aim to eliminate waste in all forms. Together, Six Sigma and Kaizen provide organizations with powerful tools for improving productivity.

The Program

Continuous improvement & leadership development

Transitioning from a career in professional athletics to the corporate world can be a challenging process, but Curt found solace in The Program. As North America’s leading veteran-owned team building and leadership development resource for corporations and sports teams, The Program’s mission is to cultivate exceptional leaders who understand what it takes to foster a winning team environment. Development is not solely focused on becoming a great leader, but also on being a great teammate. Through The Program, Curt was able to focus on his personal growth, which was integral to his career transition.

Implementing growth principles in your organization

Employ the Kaizen method

Why continuous improvement is important

By implementing a growth and enhancement structure and committing to the overcoming each challenge, businesses can work steadily towards their goals with development and maturation initiatives. Ongoing commitment to working on innovations and problem-solving among employees allows them to reach new heights in productivity, performance, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Continuous improvement is a key factor for success within any business, allowing them to evolve as methods and actions develop over time and creating greater long-term benefits for organizations.